Thursday, December 12, 2013

Motorsports Dubai

Williams F1 Team "Mega Factory" Tour I am not looking for the "typical" business or motor sport investor.  I am seeking the "one-in-a-million", maybe "one-in-a-billion", visionary investor.   If the mega-investors involved with the profits from oil production had any idea concerning the potential of my Clean Energy Invention they would be running to buy it (if for no other reason than to purchase the rights to the invention and then bury any possible chance of someone actually producing my invention).
Bill Liao / / CC BY-NC-SA
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Thursday, October 24, 2013

F1 Boat Racing Dubai Can Solve Global Warming

While I am in the process of acquiring funding for my future Formula 1® Team, (and driving for that team), I need to stay active with seat time, (especially in the Phoenix/Scottsdale, Arizona area. What do you have available to race ? 
  • Sprint Car
  • Closed Circuit Off Road
  • NHRA Drag Racing (any class)
  •  Road Racing 
  • Or____________________?
  • I am 57 years old, so (generally speaking) AMA Motocross
is NOT an option, but the sky is the limit in any other form of racing. Even though Formula 1® will always be the main objective, I am going to open this blog to other Motorsport opportunities at the same time. This includes F1 Boat Racing. If Scott Gillman can be a multiple world champion in F1 boats (going directly from motocross racing in southern California), then I shouldn't have a problem doing the same (money, as always, is the only missing link).    A Formula1® World Championship will always be the primary objective.
ni.c / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA
          I am seeking to acquire funding for a future, winning, USA-based Formula 1® Team.   To assure financial stability for the team, I require a 5 year financial commitment of $540 Million.   I require full leadership responsibility for the team.   I also require to be the primary F1® driver, despite the fact that   I have never raced Formula 1®, and that I am 57 years old.   Talk is cheap. Put me to the test in any form of racing, in any type of race car.   Location: Scottsdale, Arizona, USA    
  • I have the ONE and ONLY (single), Solution for Clean Energy.
  • My invention can completely eliminate ANY need for oil from the Middle East.
  • My invention can completely eliminate the current political and financial agenda of the United Nations and current United States government leaders (Obama, Kerry, Clinton, etc.), which they are using environmental issues as a "tool" for power and control.
  • Do the math ! Research what countries spend on gasoline every year. It is easy to see that if you have an invention (product), that completely replaces gasoline, then annual NET profits of over $100 Billion are EASY to attain.
  • The more that the U.N. and "Obama-Kerry-Clinton" talk about the TRILLIONS of U.S. Dollars that will be spent on correcting environmental issues, the higher the price of my invention. Two years ago my invention could have been purchased for $89 Million. The current price for my invention is $28 Billion, after taxes). The actual cost of moving my invention to the manufacturing stage is between $50-$75 Million. The difference between $75 Million and $28 Billion is my personal fee.


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Thursday, October 18, 2012

United States F1 Force 1 Under Construction

There is still information on the site, but it is "under construction"

The 3 main topics remain the same;
1) Seeking funding for a start-up, American-based Formula 1 team.
2) I will drive for the team, and be winning within 3 years or less, as long as the funding is sufficient.
and yes, I will soon be 57 years old !
3) I have "collateral" which is my global clean energy solution. Not "one of" the so-called solution, it is THE solution. With potential profit of over $100 Billion, and 90% of the global energy market, this invention can easily supply the funding for a winning Formula 1 team.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Can United States Formula 1 Come To Scottsdale, Arizona

  • I have someone that has shown interest in a completely anonymous investment that would include the $165,711,000 (first 2 years start-up), $89,000,000 for exclusive rights to my Clean Energy Invention, and an additional $50,000,000 for a third project that will remain undisclosed. At this point it is only a "strong interest", from a very qualified and well-known investor. This strong interest, which might (or might not) go to the next level.
  • Seeking to acquire funding for an American-based Formula 1 team that will be capable of winning.....that's the bottom line. I will require a financially stable investor that will be around for the long-term. I have to be the primary F1 driver for the team, and I have to be in charge of hiring personnel and the entire start-up process. The second project (if not the primary project) is to acquire additional funding for my Global Clean Energy Solution (Invention)...For an investment of $89 Million, this invention will have a projected return on investment of over $100 Billion. (Conservative estimate). 1) Solve the environmental problems, 2) control the world's energy needs, (he who controls the food and energy, controls the people), 3) Incredible wealth. This invention could possibly create the world's first Trillionaire !
  • According to "F1 Bernie" ..."The US has been slow to get into F1 because they want to see a profit before they start.(probably true), "Who are "they" ? That's the problem with F1 in the U.S....everyone is assuming that "they" (failed USF1 and the Austin F1 circuit owner), Formula 1 is currently on such a pathetic level in the United States that I am not really sure who "they" are.
  • Formula 1 teams must have a purpose beyond racing. That is my opinion, and my vision, at least for this future F1 team.
  • I am very pleased with the response that I have received from potential F1 team employees.
  • Even if you have no interest in my efforts to acquire funding for an American-based Formula 1 team, don't let your self-serving interests get in the way of allowing the world to experience my clean energy invention, the ONLY clean energy SOLUTION.
  • Force 1 USA will be the only United States Formula 1 team.
  • Force 1 USA will be the only United States Formula 1 team that will be capable on winning. "If we can't do it right, then it's not worth doing"
  • Force 1 USA will be donating a larger percentage (by far) to charity than any other F1 team. (future projection).
  • In my opinion, Motorsports must have a purpose beyond racing. My vision in this area is an organization called "Fast Track to Hope". Every charity must be financially accountable (contrary to organizations like the Red Cross), and must have very low administrative costs. If you are donating to people in need, then that is where the money should be going.
  • Even though this is a future projection, no other F1 team has the potential to be;
  • A) The best overall F1 champion team, and the ONLY United States Formula 1 Team.
  • B) Having the oldest F1 champion in history, Being the Oldest F1 Champion, and especially an American F1 driver, would be a huge marketing asset for any sponsor.
  • C) Being an important part of the world's clean air / environmental solution. My Global Clean Energy Solution (invention and then product), can be a subsidiary of Force 1 USA.
  • The F1 Team combined with the Clean Energy Solution can have staggering profits and geopolitical influence. If an investor wants to fund the F1 team and not be involved with the Clean Energy Solution that would be their choice.

This focus of this blog is to find a qualified investor (or group of investors), who have enough visionary insight to fund an American-based Formula 1 race team, utilizing Don Pentecost as the primary F1 driver,that will be capable of winning a world F1 championship.
I am also seeking funding for the development of my invention, which is the world's only clean energy solution (singular). It is not "one of many" so-called solutions. I believe that my invention is the best possible option for creating a self-sustaining F1 team that is internally funded.
Any time that the terms Formula 1, F1, Formula One, FIA or Grand Prix are used they are Registered Trademarks ® I have gone out of my way to make sure that anyone reading this blog understands that F1, Formula 1, Formula One, FIA, and Grand Prix are Registered Trademarks ®
Four years ago I had a very popular website with the domain I then received communication from an attorney in Atlanta that was representing the Formula 1 organization, that I needed to sign my domain over to them (because I could not use the term Formula 1 in a domain). I did as they wished, and the domain was used by Formula 1 for the rest of that year...if you clicked on the domain it was re-directed to

I believe that Force 1 USA, (Future F1 race team), is in a great position for success; perfect timing, team vision, extreme motivation, and the right combination of genetics, experience and drive.
Even though putting the vision of a winning, American F1 team into action is a huge project, it can be accomplished and that is what really counts !
I already know, (more than anyone), what the difficulties are; 1) Funding and long-term financial commitment. Obviously these two areas are critical. The entire project has to be done right, or not at all. Running out of money before you even get a car on the track is pathetic.
2) The Formula 1 ® organization has to be supportive of a financially strong, American-based F1 team, Why have an American F1 track is there is no American F1 team? Without an American F1 team, there is a very minute American F1 fan base. And you are not going to have an American F1 fan base if you have a European based company like Redbull hiring a European, Brazilian, etc. wealthy, "elite" "blue blood" driver. American fans need a working-class driver that they can identify with, and currently that is not available in Formula 1...not even close.
3) There has to be a Formula 1 ® organization interest in building an American and worldwide television fan base that will be supportive of a real, working-class driver, especially an older, working-class driver. Americans love a "rags to riches" story...or in my case, a "rags to racing success" story. I have no plans on "getting rich". I would accept a salary that is less than 1/10th the salary of the lowest paid F1 driver, and over half of that I would donate to charity.
When I say "working class" I mean someone who works their butt off every day, in an extremely hard, physical, sweaty job that barely pays the mortgage and food, with nothing left over...This is the reality of the working class. Most people in motorsports are living on another planet when it comes to knowing the reality of a real job. It is very naive to think that F1 drivers are anything but the " privileged elite", "born with a silver spoon in their mouth", and everything "given to them on a silver platter", etc.etc...Obviously the working class does not have the "disposable income" to participate in motorsports are any level.
Most people in motorsports (99.99%), have no idea what a real job is, and if they do, they look down on the people who have those jobs. I am still very thankful that we are not out in the street and that we do have a roof over our heads, food on the table, clean clothes, being able to take a shower, etc.etc...I am saying all this just to set up the scenario of my re-entry into motorsports. I have great character builders, and I have been within minutes of dying in an ambulance. I have an entirely different perspective concerning life, and I do not fear death.
If Formula 1 ® and Formula 1 ® fans don't really care about a real worker making it to the "big leagues" , then it will be an uphill battle all the way.
My age is not a factor, other than I will be the oldest F1 champion in history.My sports background, genetics, motivation and current training methods, more than compensate for my age. I am still in the top 5% of professional athlete strength levels (on a lb for lb analysis). Age is the least of my worries.
Being 56 years old and the (future) oldest F1 champion in history label can actually be a very big promotional tool for many companies.
I have to watch my weight. Completely "ripped", six-pack abs, and 18 inch arms, I still weigh 185-190 lbs.
I have a very high winning percentage in both motorcycle racing and car racing. Even though I do not have F1 experience (that's obvious, when it goes "hand in hand" with not having any money), I do have car racing experience with 27 wins, 2 mechanical DNF's, and 1 DNF (due to a crash).
The point is, let's get this project started and I guarantee a winning F1 team.

As stated previously, I lead the list of people who know that my vision for an American-based F1 team (that is capable of winning), is an almost "impossible" assignment. Actually through my own efforts it is (financially) impossible, but with God all things are possible.
An American F1 team can only be transformed from a visionary dream into reality through an investor, (or group of investors), with financial stability, and a long-term financial commitment. (minimum 3 1/2 years). Unfortunately this involves "business people" and not athletes, and business people (usually) dilute and/or compromises the effort.
I do have (what I consider) " collateral" , but even this will take speculation and an investor who is a visionary.
The collateral is my invention for a Global Alternative Energy Solution. (not "one of" the many so-called "solutions" (plural).
My invention can dominate the entire transportation and energy market (as I project), there will be no need for Middle East oil. Doth the math.
I believe that my invention can capture 90% of the world's energy revenue. It it were to control only 10%-20% , we are talking about a return on investment of over $100 Billion.
My invention could possibly be the only product that could have a return on investment of over $1 Trillion. Even if someone steps in and completely funds the best F1 team on the planet, I do not want this invention to be swept under the rug. It has too many social / economic benefits; curing worldwide environmental problems, eliminating the need for middle east oil, creating general stability in the world, creating a new, American economy with a worldwide market.
The total investment is $89 Million. With the lowest projected profit being $100 Billion. I believe that the last thing in the world that the government (and corporations) want is a real research and feedback (from people who should be very interested) has proven this theory.
If you would like additional details concerning "why I can form a winning Formula 1 team" , and "why I can be a winning F1 driver" and/or
my invention for the solution for clean energy, please contact Don Pentecost
Email is for serious investors ONLY.

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MAIN WEBSITE;!/phxchiropractic

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